Friday, April 29, 2016

gratitude means so much

Doug and I have been so touched all week by the little surprise gifts, notes and cards that have shown up on our doorsteps from the YSA kids in the 35th ward.  WOW.  They've brought us to tears so many times.  Their gratitude has been phenomenal.  What an impressive group of kids!  And it's not like they all got together and said, "Let's send Brother and Sister Corbridge a thank you."  They've just arrived here and there, through text, in our mail, on our doorstep.  Ironically, it's Doug and I who feel gratitude for the opportunity to get to know each of them!

We've also received personal Facebook invitations, which has been fun.  We've all been on a large Facebook group for the year as a ward, but now, they are inviting us personally so that we can stay in touch.  What an incredible group of young adults!  We love them so much!

Doug began his service in the 34th Ward as Stake High Councilor yesterday and loved the ward instantly.  These kids will be different.  Many of them still live in their parents' homes.  They are not as many either.  We will try hard to not compare them to the 35th Ward kids, but again, the kids from 35th Ward are some of the sharpest kids we've ever met.  This transition will be interesting and exciting!  We are so looking forward to it!

Today, we are mostly thankful for the fact that Liza and Aylabelle are here for a few days!  HAPPINESS!!!  The first thing Aylabelle wanted to do was have Grampy take her to "her" swing.

Life is so so good!

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