Monday, April 18, 2016

exciting times!

The past few weeks have obviously been full of excitement, business, happy moments, fun and joy!  This weekend has been wonderful. Just watching Quayd sharing his news with so many friends and family has been lovely.  It has been a busy few weeks with lots of other things happening, as well.  I thought I'd just record a few memories with pictures...

 We didn't take any photos on our anniversary until after we home and getting into the hottub.  So, here's our official 39th Anniversary our hottub robes. Lovely.  But, we are together and madly in love and happy, so it works!

I am usually pretty private about temple attendance but this was a special day that I don't want to forget.  During our spring break, we spent one morning together at the temple doing baptisms before going to the Crepery for breakfast.  It was wonderful morning together. Not the best picture, but a wonderful morning!

 This past weekend, we went to the ward party, hosted by the Primary, a "Hillbilly Hoe-down"/Dutch Oven cook-off.  So so fun!  And the food was divine!  I could not believe how nummy everything was!  The decorations were darling with clotheslines filled all around the walls and fresh flowers on every table.  It was fantastic!  Love these cute kiddos!

 The entertainment was absolutely fantastic!  These two men played their fiddles and banjo and bass.  WOW!  They were so good!  I'm trying to think of a reason to hire them again!

Layne and Julie's Dutch Oven was the winner.  It was fantastic!  I'll be sharing the recipe soon for this Chicken dish!  We are so grateful for our friendship with Layne and Julie!  Last night, they came over for treats and a movie.  We watched The Walk!  We LOVE this movie!

As we visit with people,we are learning more and more about the Redlands Mission.  Yesterday, our Bishop asked Quayd announce his mission in Sacrament Meeting and to bear his testimony.  He did a great job!  I love his enthusiasm.  After the meeting, several members came up and comments/congratulated him. Quayd's new mission president will begin his service only three weeks before Quayd arrives in California.  Sister Smith, a beautiful lady in our ward, came up to me and told me that Quayd's new mission president served his own mission while she and her husband were serving as the president of the mission at the time.  President Dixon, Quayd's President was the assistant to President Smith and the Smiths could not say enough wonderful about their, then, "Elder Dixon".  How awesome is that.  Doug also learned that one of the gals in his YSA ward grew up in the same ward as the Dixons.  He sounds fabulous!  We're excited for Quayd on so many levels!

On Sunday afternoon, Brother Godfrey, our Stake Patriarch, delivered Quayd's written copy of his patriarchal blessing to him.  Quayd was so excited to get a hard copy and be able to read it.  He spent quite some time reading it, stopping, thinking about things, reading more. He's so ready and excited to serve the Lord for the next two years. It's a great time in his life.

Since Quayd was reading his, Grace decided to get hers out and review it, as well. Since they both were, I reread mine as well.  A perfect way to spend our Sunday afternoon while waiting for Doug to come home from his meetings.

A certain friend and I were shopping and this happened.  Oops.  But, we laughed.  Hard.

This curly willow tree start is on the front porch.  When I came home the day after Quayd's mission call was sitting on this chair in the rain, our mail was sitting on the chair with a note written on it, "Mailbox blocked." Hello?  He put Quayd's mission call on the chair in the rain because a "twig" was in front of the box?  I wasn't amused.  I moved the twig.  But, really?

I realized that I never put this photo in my last entry... Jim and Kristy visiting Quayd to hear his mission letter.  What a wonderful memory this will always be!

 Last Thursday, after Quayd's call arrived, I went to Ann's for Bunco, and passed the school. This snowperson was "sitting" at the picnic table.  I literally laughed out loud and did a U-turn to take a picture!  Someone has a great sense of humor! 

Friday night, Grace was on double blind date.  The tall boy, is her friend from our ward.  She set him up with her friend, and he set her up with his friend from school.  Her date was cute (and he knew it).  He was a little more forward than Grace cares for.  Ironically, he showed up at our ward party on Saturday. Grace didn't have any desire to even chat with him again.  It was a bit awkward for her but I was proud of her.  This whole dating experience for Grace is an adventure.  She's learning lots. 

While Grace was on her date, Zee had some friends over for 
Star Wars and night games.  Quayd wasn't missing out on Star Wars.  We had a house full of teens until 11:30.  Doug and I slipped out to the hottub for a soak while the Force was with them.  

It really is an exciting and fun time of life.  It's hit me this weekend, Quayd will be gone for two years!  Carol pointed out that this could be the last time that we have all five of us living together under one roof again.  It's possible.  Grace will be on the bottom side of nineteen when Quayd finishes his mission.  She could be on a mission herself by then or out on her own or even married (not that we think she would be, but, hey, I was by then.)  (And girls do serve missions, but they are not expected  to like the LDS Young Men.) 

We have 93 days left and for the first time in my life, I'm not thinking, "And if you don't count today and you don't count that day..."  I want every moment of this 93 days to last and be wonderful!  We're only three months from some very big changes in our lives. I say it often but it's really hitting me now... time flies!!  It seems like no time ago that Quayd was learning the words to "I hope they call me on a mission."  And now... he's going to be a missionary!  I say it often... make the moments count!
 Life is good!

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  1. Grace looks so much like Liza in the picture at the Temple. Very exciting for Quade to be coming to California. I know he will be here on a mission (both literally and figuratively) but if he makes it to the Anaheim area (about an hour from Redlands) for a trip to visit the mouse, he will be in my neck of the woods. I would love to have the opportunity to meet this young man that I have watched grow up.