Wednesday, April 27, 2016

and in other news....'s cold and rainy.  Aylabelle told me on Facetime that I need to wear my jacket.

...I had the most fun yesterday, going to Brigham City with friend Sue, from our home ward.  She's been my friend since the moment we met.  She's renovated her home in a major way and now has a new room and needs furniture.  Oh my did we laugh.  She's my only friend who's shorter than me.  She understands what it's like to sit on a sofa and not have your feet reach the ground but some of the sofas, she just got lost in.  We laughed so hard!  After shopping, we had the most fabulous lunch at Maddox, which is a northern Utah classic must experience place.  It's pricey but it's wonderful.  What a fun day!

Here's Sue, literally sinking into a sofa!  Can you hear us laughing!?

...Denise's son, Michael's wife had to have an emergency C-section last night, just 26 weeks into her pregnancy.  A little angel, Rose Denise, was born weighing only 550 grams (=1.226 pounds).  She is a little fighter, but she has a very long road ahead of her.  If you happen to be on your knees or sending good thoughts, they would be appreciated.

...when did gas become $2.50 a gallon?  It was $1.89 last fill-up.  AND please don't let it get up to $4 a gallon again!

... I'm trying to get New Beginnings together for this weekend.  I still have things to do but we are working on it!  I'll be happy when this is done!  It's been months in the making because of schedule changes, but we're almost there!

...we also had the YW Girls Camp kick-off last night.  Grace is a Youth Leader this year.  She conducted the meeting last night.  She cracks me up!

...most of all, I'm happy that in 48 hours, Liza and Aylabelle will be here for a few days!!!!  I can't wait!  Aylabelle already told me that we have to play Tenzi with Aunt Carol and swing with Grampie.

Life is good! And so are the prayers of friends!

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  1. Lovely life you are leading and sharing with your fans! Love.