Wednesday, January 10, 2018


I've had so many people asking for a little update about Grace and her life. Grace and Ben met in early July, were ga-ga for each other by August, engaged in October.  Ben is a very nice boy.  He's polite, respectful and has southern manners.  He's active in the LDS Church. We thought he was almost too good to be true.  However, as time went on, everyone around us began to notice a few red flags in their relationship (not just with him, but with Grace, as well.)

Grace is nineteen.  She's old enough to make decisions on her own. In December, Grace and Ben agreed to postpone the wedding "for a while."  We were greatly relieved that they were going to give things a bit more time before making this big commitment. They did not call off the engagement, they postponed it.  And, as of today, we still can not  give it our total blessing.  We recognize, however, that Grace is old enough to do things without our total support and blessing.  And that is her prerogative. And that hurts.  I'd be lying if I didn't say that.

Grace announced on Christmas morning that she was moving into an apartment with five other LDS girls who are her age.  We would like to have seen her prepare for a few months more before this move, but, she felt she was ready and did it anyway.  Again, she's free to make this choice on her own.  (or possibly with someone else's encouragement.) :(

As of now, she still plans to marry Ben, regardless of our opinions.  And that's her choice.  She will have to live with her choices.  It's been difficult on Doug and I, to say the least.  We have raised her as best we could.  She's making good choices.  They are planning on a wedding in the Logan Temple still.  She's working and learning each day on her own.  We feel that this new independence will also help her develop an appreciation for what she did have at home. 

She wanted wings.  She took them.  We didn't stop her.  We can only pray for her now.  As mentioned, she is having a great time, feeling her newfound freedom.  She has good roommates who have the same standards and values that she was raised with.  She has a nice living situation.  She's going to have to work hard to take care of herself.  We hope that this new situation helps her realize who she is and not what others think she should be.   I have shared only how I feel and I can feel however I feel.  No one can argue with that. 

Life is good.  Sometimes hard, but good.  I remember when Liza moved out.  It just about killed me.  I hated it with all my heart, but she wanted wings and she took them and flew. It was a wonderful experience for her.  She learned a lot and it prepared her for her future life. Today, her life is wonderful!  I'm so thankful for that!   We are praying that Grace makes great choices in her future, as Liza did!  Enough said.  Probably too much.

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