Thursday, January 4, 2018

a game, a movie, a move... again

a few things....

We have had this fun tradition for the past several years.  It's a fun game where I wrap a container filled with a gift or cash or giftcard inside.  I wrap it with layers and layers of wrapping paper, tape, duct tape, string, electrical tape, scotch tape, masking tape, rubberbands, you name it.  Then the kids roll two dice and if they get doubles, they get to grab the gift and start ripping off the layers.  There a few twists... the biggest being that they have to wear snowmobile gloves.  It's a fun time that usually involved lots of screaming and grabbing and very few manners.  (Doug hates that part!)  But, they have a blast grabbing and ripping and the last person to get to the actual canister and open it, gets to keep the prize inside. 

It's nothing new but it's a fun tradition.  This year, we have waited and waited until all three kids were home at the same time to do it.  But, with Grace gone all the time with Ben or working, we waited long enough and decided it was happening after dinner last night.  Grace left before dinner and didn't get back until late, so she missed it.  Sadness for her.  Since it was just the two of them, we didn't even get the gloves out.  Zeej and Quayd got to rip bearhanded, which was still a challenge for them.  It still included lots of "GIMME!" and "MINE!" as they rolled two whatevers.  In the end, Zeej won.

It was my happy moment to hear Quayd scream, "Good job, Zeej!"  No pouting that he didn't win this time.  He's matured a lot since he left for a mission!  Love that!  During family prayer last night, which was his turn, he said "We are thankful that Zeej won the wrapped money.  Bless her to use it wisely."  There were a few snickers.  Quayd's prayers usually give us (and Heavenly Father) a little chuckle, but are also very sincere and reverent for the most part. 

Today, Grace started moving her things out.  She's moving into an apartment with five other girls.  It's breaking my heart to see her go, but we all agree that it will be a good thing for her.  It's time.  She will learn and grow from this experience.  We are not thrilled that we won't see her very much because we know that between working two jobs and dating Ben, she will be busy.  But, hopefully, she'll remember all that we've taught her and continue to grow and make wonderful choices!

Grace had just left to take a load to her new apartment.  To keep from bawling, I decided to go see The Greatest Showman again.  Zeej was thrilled to join Denise and I.  Quayd asked where we were going. "Wait!?  Are you going to Greatest Showman again?"  He was up and redressed before I could get out to the car.  We love this story.  We LOVE the music!  We love the message!  It's such a fun show!  My guess is that we'll see it again! (wink-wink)

Life is moving so fast.  It's insane, just how fast!  Things are moving at such a rapid pace!  It feels like yesterday that we were going through these moves and passages with the bigs and now here we are with the babes.  It's not always perfect, but it is wonderful!  Life is good!

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