Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Where is July already!?!?

Wow, this month is flying by!  So much has happened and I've not had time to sit down at my computer for anything but serious business.  A few little updates.  And I hope to post a few of these in their own entry....

  • July 4th festivities with Doug's family was a hit, as usual!
  • Speaking at a YW camp in Idaho was one of the most awesome experiences I've had in years!
  • Preparing for girls camp, and more preparing and more preparing!
  • Quayd's Hump Day Package and excitement was perfection!!!
  • My Uncle Jerry passed away.  Thought about him to come when I have time to upload some pix.
  • Summer has been insane!  I've spoken, taught, planned and prepared for more things that I can keep straight!
  • Liza and Buddy are all moved to Arizona.  My heart aches but to hear my sweet girl so happy to be back... I can't be anything but happy for them!
  • My calendar has been so crazy and I've gotten my weeks out of sync and my days out of sync.  I showed up for my annual physical a day early... legs shaved, all primped and proud.  Oh my.
  • And that's just the big stuff.... life has been just plain crazy.  I don't know if being one-armed is part of my problem or what but, I'm blessed to be keeping up and doing great at almost everything but blogging!
Now, to backtrack and try to blog a few of these happenings in detail... I'll post date them so that they go back through the month of July just for my own sanity.  Liza, if you are reading, read backwards!  Life is good!!!

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