Wednesday, July 5, 2017

a relaxing weekend

Our  Independence day weekend was pretty busy and yet we didn't do anything huge!  Friday, we spent recouperating from the wedding... as in returning things and taking it pretty easy.

Doug had taken Monday off, so he ended up having a four day weekend, which is always heavenly.  I've had a mile-long honey-do list that just kept growing and growing.  Doug decided to conquer it over his time off.  He did a great job getting things done... he got new doorknobs and locks on the garage doors. This home did not have locking doors on the garage and there are two doors plus the big electric garage door.  So, we now can lock things up when we go away instead of praying everything is still there when we return.

Doug also drained, cleaned and refilled the hottub.  He got the flower beds weeded, mowed the lawn, fixed the sprinklers, vacuumed the patio and the ceiling of the patio with the shop vac.  He barbecued three times for us, as well as spent a lot of downtime, watching movies and just visiting.  We couldn't have asked for a better weekend... especially with the fireworks at his brother's in the middle of it all...perfection.

Jason's family invited us for a family picnic with Katie's whole in siblings, mom, nieces, nephews, dogs, you name it.  The picnic was at a park which used to be some old friends' backyard, when Doug and I were first married.  It brought back so many memories of swinging on treeswings that first summer we were married!  WOW!  It was awesome to spend time with Jason's family and I feel like we get to know them better and better each time we are together.  They are such a wonderful people!  Jason is a lucky boy to be blessed with such awesomeness in his life!

We watched Pearl Harbor and the Butler this weekend, for our patriotic choices.  What a gift to live in this great nation!  We've just been loving the summer fun and trying to keep up with the busyness of it all.  It was wonderful to enjoy a few days of downtime with family.  Life is good!

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