Monday, July 3, 2017

Week 50! Elder C

This letter made Doug and I laugh and made us cry.  Truth be told...Quayd is struggling.  He has faced some challenges that are just out of the norm and yet, he continues to hang in there and try, but it's been so dang emotional rollercoaster for us all.  So, this letter, following much prayer and fasting in his behalf, came as a joyful surprise!  I've not edited one single thing in it.  His punctuation is awful, but we LOVE it!  Enjoy this dose of Quayd at his best!  Thank you all so much for every good thought, prayer and any and all other support you give him!  Hump Day is July 20th!  We are so excited to start counting down instead of up!  As one friend wrote back... "Gee, you'd think he's read his scriptures lately or something."

I Elder Corbridge do write an abridgment of mine days this week. I would that I should remember this week. thus I right it down according to my desire to remember the days of my mission.

And it came to pass in the 11 month and the 12th day, of the days of my mission. I did go about and teach repentance all the day long, unto my people with my companion Elder short. 

therefore we did teach repentance, with all our hearts and energy. to teach  with faith and hope, that the word might be fulfilled, that it may be sounded upon every ear and penetrate every heart of my fathers beloved children. That Satan may not harden there hearts, nor there minds but that they may listen and hear and act upon the goodness of my god. therefore we did pray and fast and study for our efforts to be successful.

 and it came to pass that as we went door to door and people to people. we fell upon a man of large stature, or that he called us over,  he being drunken of beer...

the name of this man and I Write a record of him, is called Daniel. he being a football player, wrestler and construction worker for the world, which vulgar words proceedeth out of his mouth. nevertheless he did share his thoughts. and after he did say these things. we did in turn speak to him and testify. nevertheless he was interested in our message. 

therefore we did approach this man. and we spake many things concerning his life and the lives of his family and how he could find hope in the atonement of Christ and in the gospel.

And it came to pass that his heart was softened and that it was open unto us, along with his wife's and his brother's.

 And as we spake to him, concerning these things he did speak and with less vulgarity. he did say. I believe these words and I want you to come back and visit us. 

Therefore we did make an appointment to return and meet with him again, in the city of north apple avenue of Rialto.

 And it came to pass that I did look upon my companion with excitement. he doing the same. Therefore we did rejoice in this finding. and after we had heard these words, we did leave the home of Daniel. And we did go to our apartment. And we did prepare for the next day.

And I Elder Corbridge did find myself Asleep. 

But I did  awake the next day and I looked at my zone leader, Elder Mansfield. And not my Companion  And I did with gladness arise, with hope that this companionship exchange, may be somewhat fun. 

And it came to pass that I and my companion, Elder Mansfield. did go and we did do all manner of things, in effort to find more people. And after some time doing these things, we went into the house of books and did sit at a computer, making epistles for a scripture study class. For each of our Members, in our own ward. and we did help each other.

 and after we did go and help each other. we did go and help other's, figure out how to work the mighty machine, called the computer. 

Nevertheless while we tried to tame, this mighty beast. we did speak somewhat concerning the things of our message.

and we did soften some of there hearts and did invite them. that they should meet with the creatures, in the white shirts and black pants called the elders or the missionaries of the earth. 

And We were glad to have had the courage to shared this message and boast of Christ and his mighty work , otherwise we would not have heartened to the spirit and shared our message.

Therefore I would that Ye would remember my beloved family and friends that the lord always will provide a way, or opportunities to share our message of gladness, to others.

And after we did these things, we did go. and continued to do the things which the lord had commanded of us. 

and we did walk hills and mountains and came upon some of the houses of Rialto California. for in that land, were there many who needed our message. 

Nevertheless being weary of walking these hills and knocking upon the doors of this wicked city. We did go and we did find after somewhat of our struggles and doors being slammed in our face, and being casted with stones. That there were some who's hearts were not hardened. And they did hearken unto the voice of the spirit as we made contact with them. Thus we found more people ready for the gospel. it was an awesome exchange.

And I would speak concerning my companion Elder Mansfield. 

Therefore in the first days of the days of my mission. I did meet a mighty man who in all, was also very goofy elder. nevertheless he treated me as if I were his younger brother and I was glad to have met him and was glad to call him my brother, an older brother perhaps to help me and with this exchange, he did the same. I love that man and his spirit is bright and cheerful and a delight. I'm happy to have served with him. 

It was a good week and this was actually quite fun speaking in this manner of language. haha I love you all and I'm so greatful for your prayers and fasts for me. it helps. I hope all is well. until then 

-Elder Corbridge

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