Tuesday, July 4, 2017

JULY 4th, 2017

Happy Independence Day!

As always, our celebration of independence day was spent with Doug's family at Danny and Alene's for the family picnic and Logan City Fireworks!  The temperature was perfect, a wonderful breeze blew all evening, we got about 30 seconds of raindrops (which were welcome because that mean we had a cooling cloud cover) and the company was the best!  The family grows and grows each year and it's amazing to see our group getting bigger and bigger.

Our grandson, Jason spent the night and was able to meet aunts and uncles and cousins and his great-grandmother.  He thought that was pretty special.  Quayd was very missed!  Zeej had painted their faces and that was a topic of conversation throughout the evening!  After the fireworks, we came home and watched our mountain as it would light up and die down where some STUPID people had lit off fireworks on the summit and started a fire! Fire crews fought through the night and did get it out, but seriously, while half of southern Utah is burning!?!?    At 1:30, I could hear the kids just giggling and talking up a storm!  (Katie and Dave told us that Jason has a photo of Quayd on his ceiling over this bed, and that he looks at first and last thing every day.  I know Jason loved his time with the girls, but I'm also sure that he was totally missing his big brother!)

I always say that Danny orders the best sunset of the summer for the Fourth of July!

The teens all sat in a long row and, like little kids, they "sang" their ooohs and aaaaahs over each beautiful "boomfire", as Quayd called them when he was a little boy.  Oh, I missed him.  But, the oooohs.  All alike, then "Aaaaaah" then "woooooooo".  We were all laughing at them!

Again, a perfect evening!  I love the celebration of our freedom and this beautiful nation and our beautiful valley and all that we have been blessed with!  Life is good!

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