Saturday, April 29, 2017


More curls... Grace decided to curl her hair and it took almost thirteen hours.  It takes Zee nine. It's crazy, but it lasts a few days, so they feel it's worth losing a little sleep one night.  I call this her "Moana" look.

My good friend, Ann, left me this week.  She's headed to Alaska to work for five months.  I've seriously been in mourning at the thought of her being gone that long.  We've become great friends and our friendship is one of the best things about our move to Logan.  I've met a soul sister.  Now, if she'll just come back soon!  Fall can't come soon enough, where Ann is concerned.

Our weather is out of control.  Snow, rain, sleet, hail, sunshine, frigid, warm, you name it... all in a day!  Today, we are basking in the sunshine! Yesterday, we had snowcovered lawn.

Last night, Zeej and Kendall went to a performance at USU.  At about ten till eleven, I got worried and stressed.  I called her phone and realized that she'd left it at home.  Just a few minutes later, Julie called to tell us that Kendall had just called her and told her that they were in a "little fender bender", but they were both fine.  Doug and Layne hopped in their cars and drove straight to the accident.  Doug and Zee came home just minutes later.  She's fine.  Kendall is fine.  Their car is fine.  All was well.  We were extra thankful in our prayers last night!  All was well.

I'm so behind.  Enough said.  But life is good.

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