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Quayd... April 16, 2017

This week, Quayd had very little to share other than his huge testimony.  I know that they finally rode the mountain tram that he's been excited about, but he literally did not say one word about it.  I know that he rode it because of the photos he sent.  They are beautiful!  I'll add them below!  For those who don't know, missionaries get one set day per week to do their letter writing home, laundry, cleaning, shopping and if they have time, to do a little exploring within their area.  Quayd is only miles from Disneyland, but that's in another mission, so he will never get to have that adventure.  Not that he would choose that over this beautiful day he spent in the mountains!

Happy Easter!!!!!

I cannot explain the feeling, I have knowing I can make it back to my Father who is in heaven. I cannot describe the Excitement to know that I can be with my family and my loved ones for all eternity. I cannot express the joy I have felt while serving my mission for him who made it all possible. And it is unimaginable and fulfilling, knowing we can be more like him with his help. I love my savior and my redeemer, My brother and my friend. He is risen. He lives! I know he lives because I've seen him in my life.

I've seen him in other people's lives, stretching forth his mighty hand and reaching people in ways I cannot describe. The feelings and the things, that I have seen are in a way unmeasurable and continues. I love serving him, I love doing his work. At times it's hard. At times I beg for a rest. Or at times I wish to stop because I think too much and sometimes, I can't see my potential and I think I can fail or that I can let these people down. If I'm not out, playing his game, following him with exact obedience like the 2000 stripling warriors and learning his doctrine, as well as his gospel.

But, I know he did what he did to help me carry on through those doubts that I have of being a successful missionary, of helping people come closer to Christ. He helps me just as he can help you because he lives. He has lived through it each day and each moment. I have said it and I will say it again. Missions are hard but the blessings of a mission are tremendous! I can't count or comprehend how much I've learned from this amazing experience. There have been so many learning opportunities, blessings  and rejections that I've had during my time here and it's great!!!

I can't express how happy I am to celebrate Christ’s resurrection. It brings so much peace knowing that He rose and we can rise with him, that we can rise with him in glory, if we choose to do so. My testimony of the savior grows stronger everyday as I serve him. Every day as I cry a little and sweat a little but not to the point of blood.  That would be probably sacrilegious, but my testimony grows in my lord and my God. I just wanted to share my testimony of our savior since it’s His resurrection and since we all have a chance to know him as he knows us.

I know that Heavenly Father loves each and every single one of us and he wants what's best for us. That's why he has given you and everyone else a savior, our brother, Jesus Christ, to come into this world and teach his gospel. He taught us that The Lord’s way is not hard. That LIFE is hard that making the wrong choice is hard, but not the GOSPEL. We can follow him and have peace, light, strength, knowledge, confidence, love, and joy, or we can go some other way and go it alone without His support or without his atonement and live in a world of madness!!!!

I have seen blessings of his atonement and I have seen many who have used his atonement in vain. They do not understand the role of the savior's life.  They do not see the peace and the joy that he gives. There is no other way to obtain this. The joy the repentance the starting over again except through him!!! Christ suffered where he took upon Himself our sins. He suffered the penalty of our wrongs and He paid the price of our salvation. I can't imagine what he suffered, the thought of being weighed down for the sins of the world, causing him to fall onto the earth pleading with his father to remove the cup from him never-less partaking of the bitterness of it and then bleeding from every pore! I can't imagine that! Nor can I imagine what happened after suffering for the world. Being spat upon, scourged upon, looking at the faces that said crucify him!!!! And then having his hands and feet nailed upon the cross, where he bled and died and in a loving manner pleaded with our father saying forgive them for they know not what they do.

 I don’t know how he could love us, forgive us, cry for us and our salvation looking into the eyes that hated him and mocked and scorned him for his perfect righteousness. I don't know how And I can't express enough for what he did ... I only know that He did and that because He did,  I don't have to die. Because of his Love. You and Every single one of us may be forgiven of our sins. Because Only He can bless us, protect us, give our hearts to beat and give us breath.

Only He can give us strength to bear up the burdens of life and give us knowledge, peace, and joy and forgive our sins. He can and will change us. He can do all these things and will do much more, if we just remember Him, and have faith in him and strive to live as he did. Jesus Christ is the Way. The ONLY way!!!!! And I have seen his love touch those who have searched all their life to find it. This is the lord work and his glory and I'm greatful to be a part of it I cannot wait to the day to see that miracle in the day of the second coming! It's because he lives and because he went through all the pain and the afflictions that we have a second chance!  It's because of his atonement and resurrection, we can live to see our loving Heavenly Father again!

Love you all and hope you have a good week!

-Elder Corbridge

Most P-days since he's been in California, he's done laundry and they've played basketball.  This, as far as he's told me, was his first big adventure, which is farrrrrrrr more up Quayd's alley, than a basketball hoop.  This boy is a nature lover, like his Dad. I would be willing to bet that he felt closer to Doug on this day than he has since he left last July!  Nine months tomorrow.

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