Friday, April 14, 2017

Other happenings...

I've somehow gotten a cold that has settled in my lungs.  Doug's certain that I have walking pneumonia.  All I know is that my ribs are so sore from coughing and everytime I sneeze or cough, it feels like someone is trying to pull my arm off my body at the shoulder!  Not cool.  It's spring.  I want to be outside in the sunshine loving life.  Instead, I am inside on my recliner loving life and hating the cold.

Aside from our big anniversary celebrating last week, we had a few other big events over the weekend... worth mentioning, for sure.

Louise, Jeana and I were asked to go to the mortuary and dress Sally's body for her funeral.  It was a tender hour.  We laughed, we cried and we hurt.  But, mostly, we loved.  Sally looked beautiful, although we all felt that she needed darker lipstick.  We didn't do the makeup or hair, we just dressed her.  I'm sure that Sally's Spirit was right there with us.  What a wonderful gift and experience to be the last to serve her on this earth.

Louise, Jeana, Myself, Lynne, Tina

Since Sally's funeral, we, the lunch bunch, have started group texting.  It's not something that we've done before but it's been fun.  We've talked about everything from decorating our homes to well... you name it.

On Sunday last week, Doug came home from church and told me that he'd felt impressed to invite four of the YSA boys over.  So, the girls and I got busy and prepared a nice Sunday dinner and they all arrived at 3.  They stayed until after six, sitting around the table, laughing hard, sharing life stories and missionary experiences.  What a blessing to have these young adults in our lives.

I purchased enough food to feed 20 of them for Easter Sunday, but with the bug that I have, Doug has said that I'll be staying in bed all day while he and the girls prepare dinner.  They don't know it yet, but they are going to learn to make my tasty carrot cake from scratch!

I have been spending a lot of time with my friend, Ann, who is the other counselor in the YW.  We have truly made a deep connection through our serving these girls. We make Sonic Runs regularly, enjoy shopping together and just gabbing and laughing all the time while we are together.  The girls tease that they are going to have to separate us when we get the giggles in YW.  She's a hoot! My heart is hurting because in a few weeks, she weill be leaving for a summer job in Alaska.  I am going to have a very hard time without her!  I keep telling her that she needs to fly home every weekend and for girls' camp!  This week, we've been preparing for New Beginnings!  I can't wait!

It's just been a busy week until this bug stopped me in my tracks!  SCREECHING HALT!  I don't have time for aching shoulders, broken feet or walking pneumonia!  Sadly, life gets in the way of the fun and good times.  Oh well, it helps us to appreciate the good ones, right!?  Life is good!


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