Monday, April 3, 2017

Hello, April!

A few happenings from the past few days...

First of all, ZJ does my hair for me every other day.  So, on Saturday night, after we hottubbed and I'd showered, she said she was ready.  I said, "Do whatever.  Do your little pickinninny knots, if you want.  and she DID!  I about died when I saw myself in the mirror!  NOT Flattering AT ALL!!  I slept like this and when I woke up and she took out the knots, I laughed harder than I have ever laughed!  EVER!  I facetimed Liza and she didn't notice until she put her glasses on and the double take that she did was hysterical!  I facetimed Denise and she was dying!  I sent a pic to my mom and then called her before she opened it.  She said, "Who the HELL is that!?!?"  We were laughing so hard!  Aylabelle giggled and went her own merry way.  She thinks I'm silly anyway.  ZJ said that I was laughing harder than the "Chewbacca lady on YouTube."  I think she's right.  Anyway, here's the before... I can't believe I'm sharing this...

And here's what I have looked like for the last two days... simply because it's spring break and anyone that comes to my home and sees it will laugh like we did.

So here's a few of my NEVER AGAIN shots of my funky hair, which I wore around the house for two days!  NEVER. AGAIN!  And it was definitely me looking like the April FOOL Joke gone bad!

General Conference weekend is always a highlight for us all.  President Monson looks tired and weary.  My heart ached to see him aging so rapidly.  It was a powerful two minutes that he spoke and we will follow his counsel by increasing our service and reading the Book of Mormon more intently!  I loved Elder Holland's talk and of course, President Uchtdorf makes me happy just to see his shining countenance!  He doesn't even have to speak but what a wonderful message!  Loved it!

Doug's not sleeping.  He's taking notes.  Don't ya love his little laptop desk?

I was so happy that Doug built us a fire for conference.  It's been almost two weeks since we've had one because it's been warmer weather.  But, true to form, it's usually cooler and wet on Conference weekend.

Doug moved his chair over next to mine and ZJ moved right in on the fire.  She and Zulu love that fireplace!

We had Dallin and his friend, Ashlyn over for all four sessions of conference.  The girls made conference Quick Breads on Saturday and Sunday, between sessions, we had a brunch with cinnamon rolls, which I made!  It wore me out but I figured that rolling the rolls out was the same as rolling my arm up and down the wall with a sock on it.  We had sausage and biscuits and gravy, eggs, potatoes, the rolls and they brought a huge fruit bowl.  Wonderful day!  We love having the kids in our home.  We were not sure who would actually make it but the few that we thought might, ended up going home to their families for the weekend.  Dallin is from Minnesota, so we are his family!  What a wonderful weekend!

I'm waiting to hear from Quayd right now and felt very guilty that he didn't have cinnamon rolls, but such is the life of a missionary, right!  It's all about sacrifice..even cinnamon rolls on conference Sunday!

Liza and I were facetiming and EdieAnn is just talking up a storm to me.  I can't get enough of this little angel!  Could she be any cuter!?  She giggles now!  It's the cutest thing ever!!!  And she looks so much like Liza's baby pictures, it's not even funny!

Here's a silly story that I won't soon forget.  As I've mentioned, I have no muscle in the front of my shoulder.  It was cut for the surgery to get down to the humerous and then, the new shoulder sat in the brace for eight weeks, which caused atrophy in this muscle.  Not to mention that I have an eight inch long scar that starts just to the side of my collarbone and goes down to just above my "elbow pit".  SO.  I haven't been able to wear a bra.  I've tried for the last three weeks and it's just terribly painful.   Last week, I said, enough is enough and decided to go to Kohls and buy a few new ones that might not be pressing against this incision/scar.  However, I can't put one on because I can't reach behind or to the side very far.

 So, Doug goes with me. We explain to the saleslady that he's got to go into the dressing room with me to assist.  We spend an hour in there and I must have tried on thirty different bras.  Doug was blown away by the fact that there were so many different types, by the price, by the fact that I tried that many on.  I explained to him that my very first job as a teenager was working at JCPenney and hanging bras back on the hangers and putting them back on display after people had tried them on.  He was dumbfounded.  SO. I found two (that I bought but still can't wear) and we go up to pay.  It was buy one/get one half off and we paid $73 for two bras.  I was whining about the price.  I said, "I can't believe that we just paid $73 for less than half a yard of fabric!"  Doug, very matter-of-factly, said, "Babe, they had to pay someone to hang all those bras back up!"  Okey dokey then.

There's more to share but, Doug's on his way home and it's spring break, so we are trying to have a fun little "staycation" this week.  We talked about going up to the cabin and decided to just stay home where we can enjoy our own comforts. It's also our 40th anniversary this week.  Still no big plans.  Everything just seems too difficult right now.  Oh well. We're going to see Beauty and the Beast tomorrow!  Grilling out tonight...even in the chilly weather.  I'm dying to get into the hottub when it gets dark.  Life is good!  Busy, happy, painful and good!

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