Monday, April 17, 2017

Happy Easter... a day late...

I've gotten some sort of cold that's settled right into my lungs and I'm almost certain that I've cracked a rib coughing.  Seriously!  This body needs to just stop already!  So, Easter Sunday was spent, for me, curled up in a bawl, feeling cranky, cold and achy.

I do, however, appreciate and think often of the life and atonement of our Savior, Jesus Christ and His example of love and compassion for each of us.  I loved reading the thoughts, quotes and traditions of so many family and friends on Facebook and Instagram.

Our Easter celebration consisted of the girls cooking a ham and carrot cake and Doug making Dutch Oven veggies.  The end.  I did buy Easter treats and surprises and put them into a large galvanized bucket all together.  WITH the Easter Grass, which was still in it's plastic bag.  I didn't have the energy to move, so it was handed to them as I brought it home from the store days before.  The girls laughed and especially appreciated the grass, still packaged.  It is what it is.  Sorry.  Epic Easter Fail.  Oh well.  Good thing they are older!

I will share my Easter Tablescape, which is as simple as can be, but I like it and I'm feeling quite simple these days.   And yes, that's a real nest.  Friend, Ann, gave it to me.  The eggs, however, are not real.

Liza and Buddy facetimed in the afternoon.  Aylabelle showed me every inch of her pretty easter dress and told me what the Bunny had brought her.  It was very cute.  Edie looked adorable too and she was sporting one of the cutest bows I've ever seen.  Wait... it was the baby that was so cute... not just the bow.

Life is good.  Even when you ache and fever and cough.  A. Lot.

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  1. The other bad thing about having an injury and surgery is that your resistance is low because your body is using all its energy to heal. Plus you were tucked inside for weeks and once you started going out, a whole new set of germs attacks you. As my nurse hubby would say,besides the obvious hand washing, is to make sure to get enough Vitamin D! You continue to be in my prayers!