Monday, May 15, 2017

Mothers Day 2016

I did have a Mothers Day entry ready to post and when I returned, my computer dumped it!  SO... I will write it all again and make sure to hit Save before I leave the desk!

I couldn't have asked for more this Mothers Day.  I heard from all six of my kids!  That was lovely and doesn't always happen.

I woke up before anyone on Mothers Day because I'd started reading a new book and couldn't stop!  I went to bed with it and woke up and decided to fit in a few chapters before Doug or the girls were up.  While I read, they prepared me a lovely breakfast and served it in bed.

After church, Zee prepared a yummy spaghetti dinner and two pies from scratch! And she made up both recipes!  Key Lime and a Banana Pecan Crunch, she called it.  OH MY!!!

I watched the clock all day, waiting for Quayd to Facetime.   We'd planned on 5PM our time and he was only a few minutes after when my screen showed this happy smiling boy of ours!  We were so excited!  The connection was terrible.  We disconnected about fifteen times in the 40 minutes (that ended up being an hour because of the disconnects) but it was great!  We facetimed Liza at the end so that she could say hello and that Quayd could meet his new niece, EdieAnn.  Edie smile a big smile for him, which made him tear up.  He was so happy to visit with us all and I managed not to cry until our goodbye.

I've mentioned that Grace has had a problem.  Since her tonsilectomy three years ago, she belches.  Uncontrollably.  They surprise her and they are LOUD!!  And LONG!!!   As soon as she turned eighteen, we scheduled her for an endoscopy, which concluded that she has Celiac sprue.  So not cool!  She also had her esophogus stretched during the endoscopy to see if that would improve things.  Nope.  It made it worse!!!!  So, Grace can outbelch a football player.  Tiny teeny Grace can be heard throughout the house... on dates, in church, while singing, we never know.  Diet has not made one bit of difference.

SOOOOOO.... we are facetiming with Quayd.  His companion, Elder Allen, is sitting next to him. Quayd asks about it and if she's doing better.  We tell him no.  We've had our time together on Facetime. I start to choke up and get teary-eyed.  Everyone tells him goodbye.  I'm last.  I say, "I love you so much, Bug.  We miss you!  Fourteen months to go!!!" and I start crying and sign "I love you."  Then, I say, "WAIT!  ONE MORE SCREEN SHOT!"  I hit the buttons on the iPad and the screen goes black.  I say, in tears, "Dang.  We lost them.  But, yay, we got to say goodbye first!"  At that point, Grace belches one of her loudest ever and lonnnnngest belches in history.  We are so used to it that we don't usually address it.  She says "Excuse me" and we move on.  BUT, this time, she belches this loud belch and we hear Elder Corbridge and Elder Allen BUST OUT LAUGHING and  Elder Allen says, "WHOOOOOAAAAAAA!!!  DID YOU HEAR THAT!?!?!?!?!?!"  I touched my iPad screen and there they were again.  We were all laughing soooooo hard!  Her belch fixed the internet!  Sadly, we still had to go, but it was the best laugh we've had in a lonnnnng time!  Poor Grace.  She is so dainty and feminine in every other way!  Her future husband will be impressed!  Not a story she is proud of but then again, she loved making Quayd laugh because Quayd's laugh is our favorite thing in the world!

It's hard to believe that he's been gone for ten months already!  Best Mothers Day EVER!!!!  Talking to him made my day!!!

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