Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Here comes summer!

I have so much on my plate at this moment that I'm making lists of lists and checking them all several times to make sure I'm keeping up.  And truth be told... there's been a few times that I'm not!   Funny, as I typed that sentence, I just realized that I forgot one thing on my to-do list from today and will need to make a little quick trip to deliver something before the day's over!  Oops!  This new shoulder is trying to win the battle and I refuse to let it, but it's definitely a struggle!

So.  Summer is upon us.  Tomorrow is ZJ's last day of school (one hour, actually) for the year.  Grace and the other seniors at her school have one more week but the underclassmen have even a few more days than that.  It's crazy!

So, here's a few things on my list of "happenings" for the summer so far: 


  • Host a bridal shower for my favorite nephew Jake's fiancee'.  (That's this week.)
  • Liza and the girls are arriving for a ten day (as long as the stars align perfectly) visit.
  • Grace graduates!
  • Between now and then, I still have not taken her senior pictures (I've not been able to hold the camera up to take them, and even now, it's a fight.) and then have announcements made and mail them.  They may be "Grace graduated" announcements instead of Grace will be graduating.
  • Get Grace ready to go to Laurel Training Camp (a special spiritual LDS camp experience for Juniors and Seniors. Grace is going to be serving as a Camp Counselor this year.)
  • Get ZJ ready to go and spend a little time helping Liza with the girls in St. George.
  • Host a second bridal shower for my favorite niece Lexi.
  • Decorate and help prepare my favorite niece Lexi's wedding because I'm the official "wedding planner".
  • Host a bridal shower for my favorite nephew Dillon's fiancee'.
  • Celebrate Lexi's wedding day and reception.
  • Fourth of July Fireworks Celebration (which thankfully, all I do is make a gigantic batch of potato salad and enjoy the night at Doug's brother and wife's home!)
  • The Corbridge Family Reunion at the Ranch
  • Prepare a "Faith Walk" for Girls Camp
  • Make all of the favors/pillow gifts/preparations for our Ward Young Women's Girls Camp
  • Celebrate some way and send Quayd a memorable and exciting ONE YEAR hump day package!
  • Attend and be in charge of Friday Night Celebration of a separate Family Reunion at the Ranch.
  • Girls Camp
  • Get ZJ prepared for school
And during all of this, with my one arm, I'll be having physical therapy regularly, serving in the YW presidency (which means teaching Sunday lessons and Tuesday activities), trying to keep up with Doug, my girls, the house, family, friends, being a missionary mom and healing this shoulder!

I'm not at all complaining.  I'm stating a fact.  I am thrilled to have all of these fun things to look forward to and I'm so thankful for my cute girls who are uber helpful 99% of the time!  It's going to be a busy and great summer!  I am just needing to be more focused and more organized than ever!  I started this post this morning and was feeling overwhelmed but today, at the end of the day, I'm feeling more on top of it. 

The showers are organized in my head and on paper.  The thank you gifts are in the works.   Tomorrow, I have a couple of things to grab for the first one and the girls and Doug will help get the house company clean!  The other two shower assignments ready to be made to helping hands of a couple sisters-in-law and the girls.  Getting the house ready for the shower will be a quickstart to being ready for Liza to arrive!  I can do this!  I just need to look at it on paper, just like I've listed here!  Fire to fire!  With a little wedding planning throughout it all!  I got this!  Life is good!

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