Monday, May 22, 2017

another May catch-up

A few random things that have happened this month that I've not gotten around to sharing... some trivial.  Some NOT!

FIRST AND MOST IMPORTANT!  I can finally share the news that Liza and Buddy are moving!  From St. George.  BACK TO ARIZONA!!!  My heart is broken that they will not be so close anymore.  Up until my fall, I was able to see them every six to eight weeks.  Now, it will be back to 13 hour drives or a plane ticket.  UGH.  Right now, neither sound inviting.  Buddy has a new opportunity in his career that is part of that climb that they anticipated when he went into his field.  He will be a athletic director for a High School Southwest of Pheonix.  He's getting out of the collegiate sports and into High School sports, which was not a direction that they had predicted, but it will allow him to be home more on Sundays, travel less and the pay is a plus!  We are so proud of how hard he works and the steps he's taken to provide well and be there for his family!  Liza couldn't be more thrilled about moving back to her beloved state of Arizona.  This Grammie is not so thrilled about being six hours further but very happy that they are very happy!  That's what matters!

Grace had her Seminary Graduation on Sunday evening.  It was a lovely program.  The YSA bishop introduced himself to the graduates as they will all now be attending the Young Single Adult LDS Ward.  Grace has already been attending for a bit and she's loving it!  This is just too strange to imagine her being out of high school.  She's not yet decided what she will be doing... a mission, a job, college.  She doesn't know yet.  She feels quite overwhelmed about it.  We've decided that with our insane summer ahead, neither of the girls will get jobs for the summer because they'd need every other day off.  So, we're encouraging her to enjoy her last summer of freedom and then get serious about life in the fall!  We have had fun getting ready though... here's a little lunch after graduation dress shopping....

ZJ is one happy camper about summer coming!  She has got big plans for the summer of being a Youth Camp Leader at Girls Camp and making a trip to help Liza with the move to Arizona!  I think that I have some pretty cute daughters.

Our trusty little Subaru gave up the ghost two weeks ago.  We spent a week looking for something new to us and found a cute silver Honda Accord.  I've not driven a "car car" for years.  Literally, over twenty years.  It feels strange and different but I love that I can steer it and shift with my right arm and not so much pain.  Bonus!  We are not new car people.  Well, Doug is not.  He could win the lottery tomorrow and would not buy a new car.  (He'd have to buy a ticket to win, of course, and that won't happen either.)  "A vehicle gets you from point A to point B and depreciates every day.  NO new cars!"  So, we paid cash, he's happy and I'm happy to have heated leather seats and a nice stereo. That's all that really matters... Point A to Point B, good tunes and warm buns, right?

I have not had a diet coke for eight days.  That doesn't mean that I won't tonight or tomorrow, but I decided to give my body a break.  It's been nice and I haven't minded until tonight when I got the girls a Sonic slush and my Route 44 Ice Water didn't sound quite so good.

Big news... silly TMI news... I am now wearing a bra most days!  AND I can put it on all by myself!  That's journal material because six months ago I couldn't lift my phone or move my arm an inch!  Life is good... no where near what it used to be but it's improving.  Between my right foot, my left knee and this whole new shoulder, I'm really missing my thirty-something body!  (Not to mention it's shape!)

Just a few days ago, our backyard looked like this!  We got four inches of snow and several broken tree limbs and branches.  Sadness!  The snow was gone by the end of the day, but only after much damage to the valley.
8AM We woke up to this.  (Trash Day, obviously, too.)  It snowed all day long!

5PM view from the hottub.  Still snowing but melted.  Notice the dangling branch, which is bigger than the one on the ground.  Sadness.  But, as Doug says, "It's Mother Nature doing her job."

That's plenty of catching up for now!  Life is good!

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  1. I understand how you feel about Liza being so far away. Our daughter moved to upstate NY 8 years ago, about 12 hours from us. We just found out last Friday that she expecting our first grandchild...those 12 hours look like 12 days now! But we will make there as often as we can. Fortunately, my hubby retired last year, so we can pick and go when we want. Your girls are lovely. Congratulations to Grace on her graduation!! Cindy Thomas