Monday, May 29, 2017

Grace's graduation pix!

I am not a fan of fall graduation photos because by summer, when graduation actually takes place, quite often, the senior is a totally different person!  So, we waited for spring to come.   However, we didn't anticipate that I'd be sporting a new shoulder or that we'd have the winter that made history, leading to a flooding spring.  So, we have put off Grace's senior photo shoot for an extra two months.  Lifting the camera to my eye is still very painful.  Every time we've made a plan, we've had a great thunderstorm or even snow storm.  So, last weekend, we finally got our great weather, I cowboyed up and we did it!

Doug hauled a chair out of ZJ's bedroom and off we went for a Logan Canyon adventure on the first opening weekend of camping for the year.   We went to two campgrounds that I knew had wonderful waterfalls and backdrops, but the campgrounds were full!  This has been quite a dangerous month, with the death of several people, including a two year old and a four year old and her mother and a stranger, who jumped into the river, trying to save her.  After a few trips through campgrounds and driving through the canyon, watching the raging waters, I decided that river pictures were not worth the risk and we went, instead, to the mountain top!

Grace looked absolutely breathtaking.  The scenery was spectacular.  The weather was perfect.  It all added up to some wonderful pix of Grace for her Senior Graduation Announcement what will end up being mailed two days after her graduation.  Here are several of my favorites!

That's the river down below a few hundred feet and that was close enough for us!

This was one of my favorites because it captures her "Sweetness" so much!

This one reminds me of a glamour shot we had taken of Kelly when she was sixteen.  Grace is quite naturally glamourous.

She said her dress was a "hippie dress", which is so not her personality, but we both fell in love with it when we saw it...the first one she chose.  She did try on three others and didn't even want to continue shopping because this one was "perfect".  I hope we have that easy of a time when time comes to find a wedding gown!  I also hope that's far far away in a different galaxy time wise!

As much as I love all of the pix of Grace, this one was my favorite!  My girls do love their daddy!  Grace still calls him "daddy", which melts my heart! 

When the wind picked up, we loved the cool breeze but also the fun shots we got!

Again, this is Grace!

Her Zen pose.

The "I'm excited to be free of high school" look!

Natural beauty... background and subject!  (Not that I'm biased.)

We do love this girl!

This was Grace giving me some "Sass"!

She was leaning backward downhill and trying not to roll over backwards, so that was a natural smile, or even more, a trying not to laugh!

 And, finally, the announcement! 

 We could not be any prouder of this sweet girl and all of her hard work to be who she is today!

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