Wednesday, December 28, 2016

some pics from mom updated by Grace

 Mom doesnt even remember having this picture taken
 That is Moms arm, not super pretty...
 Zulu has been very concerned for Mom and has been very close to her side.

Moms new favorite visitor at the hospital until Dad got there. She loves this baby.

Just an update from our home...
I'll share about Christmas in a different post.

Mom is hanging in there, she had her first non-painful shower, which is progress. she says that showers are hard. Being right handed and using her left hand for things is very hard for her, even holding her phone can hurt. She has loved the visitors who have come by, until she falls asleep on them. She sleeps a lot. She sometimes falls asleep in the middle of a sentence. 

Our family has been really blessed with all of our friends around. Treats, breads, and meals have been very appreciated here. We feel the prayers of everyone. 

Yesterday we helped Mother put away all of the Christmas decorations around the house. Normally it would take an hour or two. But without Mom being able to lift and put things away, it took a little longer. She had to tell us how to put away all of the expensive decorations and the fragile too, so they wouldn't scratch or break in the storage bins. It took longer for us to learn how to put away than to put away. Ha. It was funny how Mom was telling us where to put all the normal decorations up. "Two inches to the left, no now one to your right." Hehe, now I know how the people in the game Survivor feel.  Now though, our house is back to the way it was before and it looks absolutely wonderful.

Mom is so happy that we have already learned how to do the chores around the house, she says its a blessing for us as well. Since we already know how to do dishes and laundry its easier for us to help her. In a way I can see how it is a blessing for us, I wouldn't want Mom to do all the hard work. Especially in her condition! I'm also pretty glad that she had her injury for the break. If she had her injury later she would not have had her family to help. Z and I would have been at school so it is good for her to have us and Dad through the worst part.

I'ts hard but everyday it is getting better, everyday we are becoming adjusted to it.  Everyday we wake up when Mom wakes up so we can help her. Its a good system and like I said before its so good to have her back! Thank you guys again, for your prayers and your visits they mean so much for our family and Mom especially!

"A friend to have around the hard times is the best thing to cherish..."


  1. Grace...You did an excellent job are keeping me updated. The pictures of great too....especially the back of arm bruised! She is one most fortunate mom to have you and Z around, as well as your dad. You continue to be an amazing family! I love you...wish I knew when would be the best time to call her. Let me know and I shall

  2. I hope your Mom continues to heal and get back to her normal routines. I know you girls are a wonderful blessing to her. Many prayers for your family.