Friday, December 16, 2016

Home, Sweet Home

Liza and Buddy were all set to bring the baby home, but ended up spending 24 more hours there at the hospital.  Tonight, they are home and all is well and wonderful!  Liza was sitting there with Aylabelle and sang, "We are a happy family!"  She is so happy.  I love it!

A photo of a photo off Buddy's mom's camera... their first family picture, taken Tuesday night on EdieAnn's birthday.  I'll be excited to get a copy of the real thing!

Aylabelle has been so sweet.  Her little "My baby" comments bring tears to my eyes.  Tonight, as we knelt for prayer, she said the prayer, unassisted and I had tears rolling down my cheeks before she was done.  "Thankful the baby is healthy.  Please bless Uncle Quayd and all of the missionaries."  She's such a wonderful little spirit.  I adore this child and I think that watching her love her new baby sister has been one of the true thrills of my life.  Seriously, not just Grammie pride.  She's amazing.

Liza is doing well emotionally and physically.  She has blown me away with her "umph".  She's had very little sleep since Monday, so I know that she's exhausted.  But, she's gracious and upbeat and does she ever love this little baby!  I think that she's a bit overwhelmed with the fact that Christmas Eve is a week away, but it's all good!  Buddy takes such excellent care of her and goes the extra mile.  What a sweet little family and what a comfort it is to this mama bear to see her daughter thriving in life!  It's the best!

I've had so much fun with Aylabelle.  I will admit that the car seat has the be the bane of my existence!  I hate them!  It takes longer to get a child in and out of one that it does to run most errands!  But, they keep them safe, so they are worth it!  We have had fun finishing up a bit of my own Christmas shopping and enjoying a few stores that I don't get to frequent in Logan, including Pier 1.  I told Aylabelle that this was a "sparkly look with your eyes" store and she was very good!  She ooohed and aaahhed just like Grammie!  I found a tree for my collection and fell in love with a very beautiful decor that was out of my price range, but I took a pic and hoped that Buddy will be able to run in and pick it up for me after Christmas at half price or better!  He's awesome like that.

My mother has been very invested in making sure that Liza and Buddy have food.  She made a pan of lasagna, a pot of soup and rolls, a cake and treats.  She's been so excited to feed us all.  Aylabelle and I went out to visit her for a bit this morning so that Aylabelle could see her Christmas village.  Truth be told, I've never cared for the village, but this year, I kind of thought about saying "yes" to her offer for me to have it.  Maybe next year.  Like I need more Christmas decor!

It's rained most of the time I've been here!  LOVE IT!

In all the writing that I did over the past few days, one thing that I neglected to express was my gratitude to Heavenly Father.  Our prayers were answered.  I've been praying for weeks and weeks about this baby and Liza. I've been so worried from the minute that they told me that they were expecting.  I just felt nervous.  So, when Liza called and said that she was on her way to the hospital, it was like the worst thing I could have imagined.  My drive to St. George allowed for many many prayers to be said for their well-being.  And.  All was well.  An extra few days in the hospital for jaundice and the fact that she was four weeks early were not of any alarm.  Liza was blessed to deliver safely and her recovery is going well.  EdieAnn has been just a dream.  She is, so far, a very good baby.  (Ask me more about that tomorrow morning, after her first night at home.)  But, we have truly been blessed.  Prayers were answered.  All has been wonderful.  I see His hand in my life every day, but this has been a special blessing.

Life is good.

A few more pix...

Could her JOY be any more obvious?!  She is just thrilled!  I think that this is my favorite photo every of Aylabelle.

Buddy "entertained" the girls with a movie while Liza was eating her dinner from Nana Ruby.

As soon as they walked in from the hospital.  Aylabelle met them at the door with a squeal!

A little grin.

"Can I hold my baby?" is going to be her most frequent question.

Liza let Aylabelle help feed the baby a little more after nursing her.

Life is so good!!!

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