Monday, December 19, 2016

Letter # 18

With Liza's surprise delivery, I just realized that I have not yet posted Quayd's letter from last week on the day that his new one should come.  Here it is!  Sorry!  

This week.
I have to say, this week, I have been anxious about transfers! I hate to say it, but, I am leaving the good people of Fontana. I'm leaving behind all the friends and families that I have met during my time here and it's hard.  But, I have loved every moment of it…every rejection and argument, every smile who has accepted us, either in the ward or in the world.  I'm grateful for it. I'm praying that those the Spirit has reached will stick to the truth, will be drawn to the truth. I'm excited for the moments to come! 

I'm grateful to have met my investigators!

Krista and Joe and Joseph: Things have been happening, but Krista has accepted to be baptized after the holidays!  So, I'm excited and I might be able to be there for the baptism!!!! Please keep them in your prayers.  It will help a lot! 

In the meantime, lately, we have met a awesome family.  They are nearly homeless, but, receptive to the gospel. We have taught a lot of lessons with them.  They still have always to stay on the path, but they are great people.  The Lord is building them up and forging them into something new.

Along with another investigator named Pat…funny… we went into her house and she was watching the Restoration. haha  We taught her that message, along with a returned missionary.  After the lesson, he talked to us and said, “Elders, that lesson was amazing!  That was a "Preach my Gospel" lesson!  He was pumped to be with us, but I have to say, he is on his phone a lot!  One day and he's already becoming part of the worlds technology! haha It's funny.

That's what I have this week.  Thank you all for reading my weekly report and for your prayers. I'm sorry it's been a while but I'm back!!!!!! 

Elder Corbridge 

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