Tuesday, July 26, 2016

We've got mail!

Quayd wrote to us the morning after he arrived... just a very short message, but at least we know that he didn't disappear into an abyss at the MTC.  He wrote that he hopes things are well at home.  To quote him,

 "I just want to say the MTC is great and I'm learning so much.  The bed is actually quite comfortable besides the squeaking and turning.  Anyway, I love the Spirit within these young men.  I hope to be able tor write you soon and tell you more, but for now, this is all I can really write.  PS. P-Day is Thursday.  I love you.   Love you guys.  Tell everyone hi and don't have too much fun at the ranch."

Elder Quayd Corbridge

He knew that we were heading to the ranch for the Corbridge Reunion immediately after we dropped him off at the MTC.  That was a good thing for me.  But, I know that it was hard for him to know that he was missing out on the Corbridge Reunion.  Being so involved in getting the cabin back together for the reunion was a gift to me!  It kept my mind busy and I needed that!

As a missionary, Preparation Day is the day that they can relax a bit, do their laundry, write home, enjoy a little sports or whatever.  Once on their mission in California, they also usually take in a few of the local sights to be seen and such. 

I'm mostly concerned that he writes home on P-day!  ha!  Quayd's P-day will be my day to sit near the computer awaiting word from him!  I can't wait to hear about his MTC experiences and am praying the he remembers all of the questions I told him that I'd have so that he has something to write about.  I'm anxious to hear about his companion, if he has seen the other boys he knows that are also at the MTC now, if he's eating well (we are told that they can eat all they want at the MTC!)

We are so excited for him!  I've had nightmares every night, but the waking hours are wonderful... painful but wonderful!

And in other news, ZJ started her first "real" job.  She's done work for friends and family since she was ten but she's finally going to have a regular paycheck!  And she is so excited!  I snuck in and snapped a few candid shots of her on her first night, then she saw me and grinned from ear to ear.  So cute.  It was really strange that night. I made dinner and we sat at the kitchen counter instead of the table, just Grace, Doug and I.  I have a feeling that there will be much more of that instead of eating at the table, in our future. 

I've got a ton to record about the reunion, about projects at home, all sorts of happenings.  Things are slowing down a bit now and we will definitely see change soon because school begins in four weeks!  How did that happen already?!  Life is good! 

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