Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Packed! READY! SET apart! GO!

He's packed!  In 90 minutes, the Stake President will be here to set Quayd apart and he will "officially" be a missionary.  From that moment on, he follows mission rules and his companion, until he arrives at the MTC, will be Doug.  For quite some time now, Quayd has said that he will sleep with us the night before he leaves.  SO,  we are having a sleepover in our room tonight.  Although Quayd thinks he's sleeping in our bed, he's going to be in the cot and the girls on the floor. 

We have had a wonderful week together.  Doug took time off work and we've played and worked and prepared hard!  They hiked while I packed.  They swam at the Aquatic Center while I packed.  They did last minute official stuff while I did last minute shopping.  But, other than those few hours, we've been together every minute and enjoyed going to the temple together, walking around the block together, making Quayd's favorite foods (tonight, his last meal was Talapia), going to his favorite places to eat, spending time watching our favorite movies (The Ultimate Gift, Other Side of Heaven and several church movies) and we've talked so much.  It's been perfect. 

I may or may not post again tonight, but, after President Jensen leaves, we are going out for one last Sonic milkshake as a family.  It's going to be a long night for this emotional mom.  I think that it's finally really hitting Doug and the girls.  And this afternoon, Quayd was looking at the luggage, all packed and organized and said, "Holy Crap!  It's tomorrow!!!"

This is real.  Quayd is going on a mission.  Life is good! 

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