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I've taken all week to write about Quayd's farewell.  I need to document a few things from this week.  On Monday, I promised the girls that the "M word" would not be said.  The "M word" being mission, of course. The girls had YW camp this week and the past two months have been nothing but Quayd, Quayd, Quayd... graduation, temple endowment, mission, mission, mission.  

This year, Girls Camp was INSANE for us.  ZJ is finally old enough to go on the Fourth year hike.  That's a passage.  It's a five mile hike, then camp overnight and return, the day before girls camp begins. It's an important experience for every Young Woman.  Now, truth be told, I hate camping and girls camp is camping, so I have a hard time getting excited about it at all.  But, the girls love it!  Also, this year, Grace's last year at Girls Camp, she is a YCL, Youth Camp Leader.  She's been attending meetings and planning and preparing for months.  Our new stake has Stake Girls Camp every year.  They are very organized and detailed about it, so she's had lots and lots to do for being a leader.  Sadly, Grace is the only YCL from our ward, so she has had a lot on her plate, between working and Bella and camp.  

And so... on Monday, while Grace was at a Bella Day Retreat for the Presidency all day long, Zeej and I were off with Quayd shopping for their last minute things.  Throughout the day, we got several texts with more assignments and more "To Dos", which intensified things a bit.  Quite frankly, I was so so relieved that Quayd is leaving for his mission next week because as a YW Presidency Member, I should be totally involved, as well.  When the Bishop called me to this position, I willingly accepted the call, but told him, "I'm happy to do it, but just for the record, if Quayd's leaving for his mission the week after camp, I'll not be involved at all or attending camp at all this year."  Bishop was fine with that and then we laughed when Quayd received his call and was scheduled to leave the week after!  Thankfully, the other leaders have done tons and been supportive. I have tried to do behind the scenes things in advance, but not this week, I said!

Well...until Monday.  On Monday, I ran and picked up and dropped off and went crazy getting the girls ready.  We wrote a parody to Adele's "Hello" for camp (and that dang song has been in my head for four days now!)  We bought secret sister gifts, packed and planned and got treats.  Just busyness.  Grace had four lessons to prepare and several other things.  We found out at the last minute that we needed a "Minute To Win It" game, so we pulled that together.  By Monday night, I was near meltdown of all that we needed to do still.  But, it all came together by 1AM.

At 7AM, ZJ was being picked up for her hike. She wasn't excited about the hiking part, but she was estatic about camp!

 Grace didn't have to meet at the Stake Center until 2PM, so that gave us a little more time to polish things up.  She was so excited!  

 And they were gone... which left me alone with Quayd every day this week!  And Doug and I have loved having the one on one time with him all week long. That evening, we stopped for Subways on our way to the camp.  One thing that I did do for camp is agree to loan our "Hotel" tent to the girls to sleep in.  Grace had already gotten her two-man tent set up for the YCLs since they arrive a day earlier than the rest of the Young Women.  So, Doug, Quayd and I took a beautiful drive down to Cinnamon Creek Camp which is further south than Porcupine Dam... one of Cache Valley's hidden treasures.  Aside from the mosquitoes, it was perfect!  We took an hour to set up their camp and before we left, we stopped in at the Pavillion where the YCLs were to get the garage door code for one of the leaders who'd left something and asked us to send it back up with the other girls the next morning.  They invited us to have a bite of their dinner, which they'd just finished.  Very nice!  It was almost eleven before we got home, but a perfect night for quiet time with our boy!  Sometimes, he and Doug get very little voice with us three women in the house!  So, it's been fun!

It's been a several years since we've actually used the tent because of having the pop-up trailer.  It took a while to remember how to set it up!

My two favorite guys on this earth!  I wish Dale could know his brother they way that Liza does!

They got it up and unloaded the things that we brought up for others in advance.

We were pretty impressed that Grace had set up her own tent before we got there all by herself!  Our little girlie-girl isn't always so girlie anymore.  As she matures, she a little less afraid of getting her hands dirty.

Quayd helped stake it down for her.  We never saw her while we were setting up, so she had no idea that he'd done it for her.

This was our camp flag which Grace hung before we got there, as well.  The theme has something to do with the Olympics and our ward chose Germany because Grace was thinking about Lasse when they decided this last spring.

As I mentioned, it was almost 11PM when we got home, but a wonderful and fun night for Doug, Quayd and I to spend together.  We're down to counting hours now, not days.  Deep sigh!

Here's a few more pix of Porcupine Dam...It's heavenly!


What a wonderful world! And how blessed are we to enjoy this!

Wednesday morning, Quayd and I ran into Brett's office to get another new retainer.  He lost his while on his mini-mission.  Not amused about that, but getting upset wouldn't make it appear, so we just rolled with it.  Following that, we had to go to Kneaders for his last french toast-athon.

 afternoon, Quayd, Carol and I went to see Tarzan, which was his choice for last movie.  He loved it and wants to go again with his dad this weekend.  We've spent a lot of time gathering last minute things that we think of that he needs.  I'm amazed at how many things I think of that I need to teach him!  Things that I just assume he knows and realize that I've really never explained the details.  He knows how to do laundry, but I've never really showed him how to spray his collars and keep them clean.  He knows how to use a debit card, but he's never carried a wallet.  He says he will carry his money in his sock like he always has.  Last night, we were talking about thank you cards and I realized that he's never addressed an envelope.  Who does that anymore?

Speaking of thank you cards, Quayd's handwriting is so tiny that you need a magnifying glass to read it and then, it's so so illegible.  SO, he's dictated his thank you cards to me and I've typed them.  I'll print them out and write one along with.  Maybe a little off for Miss Manners, but he is, at least, saying thank you!

Yesterday, Quayd and I finished the list!  We have everything... I think!  I'm trying to talk him into new flipflops for the shower, but he refuses to give up his old ones.  They are his "comfort shoes", he says.  They're so thin, he may as not be wearing them, but whatever floats his boat.  We are labeling and finishing up packing now.

After a busy morning, we met Carol for a late lunch and goodbyes.  He won't see her again.  The goodbyes are hard to watch.

We came home and laid across the bed next to each other and talked for a few minutes then napped until Doug got home from work.  After a quick bite, the three of us attended the temple together.  In all my years, aside from weddings, I rarely mention temple attendance.  It's just something that I've never shared.  But, this was a special experience to go with these two good men in my life.  I'm shaking my head as I type... these are good times.  We hope to go at least one more time together before he leaves.

A poor selfie while Doug went to get the car for us.

 I'm supposed to go up to girls camp for the final evening tonight.  BUT.  I don't want to.  I don't want to miss a whole night with Quayd.  We only have a few left.  I'm still debating.  Everyone knew long ago that I would not be a part of camp this year.  (What will be my excuse next year?!  DANG!)  As much as I'd love to go up and visit with the girls, mine especially, I really can't bear the thought of just leaving Quayd alone tonight.  We will see!  

This is a great time.  Lots of hugs.  Lots of laughs.  Lots of tears.  Lots of anticipation.  Quayd seems to be over any stress.  He's just ready to get this show on the road.  We were given the option of last Sunday or this Sunday for his farewell.  I'm so glad that we opted to do it sooner than later so that we could enjoy our last ten days together without stress.  This has been perfect!  Life is good!

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