Tuesday, August 11, 2015

hot, august night

With Grace and Quayd gone over night, and Doug went in so early this morning, ZJ climbed in bed with me and we slept in til 8!  So lovely!  It was a sultry and hot day in the valley!  ZJ and I had to get all of the food for the YW Retreat before Grace got home so that the girls could prep the food in advance before the YW head to the ranch.  My foot has been giving me fits lately, so I am ever so grateful for two teenage daughters who are willing to help!  Grace made the cookies, ZJ made the meat for taco salads and organized and packed a lot of the food.  I make the lists, they check them off!  SWEET!!!

ZJ and I met Denise for lunch at Buffulo Wild Wings and the Carol picked me up later in the afternoon for a run to Sonic. So, in the middle of lots of preparation, it's always fun to have a break with my friends!

It was a dark, dismal, humid, windy afternoon, but the Quayd and ZJ still went to Hyrum Dam with the YM/YW for a water activity.  I was starting to stress by the time that they got home.  Storm warnings were on TV and the mother in me doesn't like that!  BUT.  They had a blast!


Grace got home from her Retreat, unpacked and repacked, then made cookie dough for the girls to bake at the YW retreat, which is Wednesday and Thursday, at the ranch.  (Talk about crazy!  We may find time for school shopping sometime before next week!)  Grace had a wonderful time at her Retreat with the performance group.  She's so happy and looking so forward to school beginning!  It was an exciting experience for her and she was either singing or telling tales every second from the time we picked her up!

By the time that they came home, the sunset was AMAZING!  Doug came in from a Stake Meeting and said, "That was the most incredible sunset I've ever seen!"  I was excited that I'd gone outside and snapped a photo of the sky through the trees in our backyard.  Neither of these photos were enhanced.  It was a dark as could be, then as redish orange as could be!  THEN, it poured the rain!  SWEET!  It cooled things right down!  Have I mentioned that I love having air-conditioning after all the years not having it!  (I always was satisfied with the evaporative cooler, but now, I'm thinking, "WHAT was I thinking?!"


Liza and Buddy are almost completely packed and ready to load their truck to move to St.  George this weekend!  Only one minor problem... they've yet to find a home to rent when they get there.  Lots and lots of prayers are being said for them to find a suitable, affordable home ASAP! 
And here's the coolest news of all!  So, a few days ago, Natalie texted me to invite me to ride with her next week to Cedar City, which is 45  miles from St. George!  She's taking her daughter to school there and will be spending the night.  That meant that I could spend one night, help Liza and Buddy unpack and help with Aylabelle.  SWEET!

THENNNNN.... two of our friends who live in Arizona are up for the week.  They will be traveling home to Phoenix a day earlier than Nat is going down.  They said that I could ride to St. George with them and we can catch up while we travel.  Then, I could come home with Nat two days later, meaning two nights with Liza instead of one!  SWEETER!

Then, today, while Carol and I were together, my phone rings.  It's Doug's awesome Aunt Kay calling to tell me that she and her daughter are going to St. George tomorrow and if I'd like to ride down with them, I'm welcome to.  They planned on being there for three days!  Only problem with this was that Liza and Buddy won't even be there yet!  However, they make this trip a few times a year!  SWEETEST!!  BUT, this is just awesome!  I have a feeling that I'm going to be having lots more little surprise opportunities to see Liza than I'd imagined!  AND I think that the same will work in the other direction for Liza, as well! I'm going to LOVE having them in Utah, even if it is 380 miles away!  LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

It's still raining and the wind is blowing.  The hot tub is calling my name!  Life is good!  So is a wonderful storm on a hot, August night!  Now, to pray for clear skies tomorrow night at the ranch during the meteor shower! ;)

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