Monday, July 20, 2015

Of late

 Quayd left this morning for his Aaronic Priesthood Training Camp.  He was excited, nervous, a little anxious.   This is supposed to be a wonderful experience helping him to prepare for his mission, which amazingly, is only a year away!
Quayd APTC 2015
Grace got her first and second paycheck today!  She's slightly happy, excited, proud of herself!  She made me very proud.  When she showed them to me, after work, I said, "We'll go to the bank and open a new savings account of your very own today!"  She said, "First, tithing, Mom!"  Good girl!
Instead of going to work this morning, ZJ has been lying right here on the Lazy Boy.  She's one sick girl.  She's on anti-biotics now and hopefully, we'll see a new and improved ZJ before morning!  She's feverish, has ear aches and just plain miserable.  Sadness.  The dogs are sharing their chair with her and don't go far from her side when she's down like this.
Speaking of the dogs, they think that they are people too!
Life is good!  Live it joyfully!

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