Thursday, August 27, 2015

at last!!!

This has been a long, lonnnnng awaited day!  Since the day that Carol and I met, we have always been on different chapters of life. I'm six years older than her and started my family very young.  I had pre-teens when she was a newlywed with a job.  She had a baby and I had teens.  I started subbing school when she quit working. When I had teens and almost an empty nest, Jon because very sick.  She started teaching school full-time when Jon passed away.  I got the babes when she had teens. The babes became teens, she was still teaching.  Last year, I was free with teens in school and she married Robert and she cared for him every second during his illness until he passed away in June.  I've had kids home and their schedule ran my life all summer while she and Taylor planned Tay's wedding.  Don't get me wrong, we have made time for each other, including our families most of the time over these years. But...

A few weeks ago, as we were driving from Idaho together, we were talking about how all these years, we've never been on the same page... it's been hard for us to just get together anytime for anything without having to "make arrangements" or, at least, without some minor difficulty in planning together.  Even still, I have three teens' schedules to work with. I love that Doug is always so accomodating, and encouraging, that we get together. He knows that friendship is healthy...a natural therapy for a happy wife!

Anyway.... on that drive from Idaho, Carol and I decided that we'd have our long awaited celebration of the fact that we are both free women all day long (during school hours) for the first time ever!  We planned to party hearty all day in celebration!  So, this week, we've done exactly that! I didn't take one picture of us because Carol was on selfie-strike!  We laughed hard, we drank lots of Diet Coke and had a very long and fun week together!  

We've ran errands together, hot tubbed multiple times, eaten out more meals that should be mentioned, had many Sonic runs, drank more cokes than either should admit, gone to the movies, gone to visit her 89 year old mother and played cards twice, talked, laughed, planned more fun for the future, and laughed some more.  It's been great! 

We decided that we would have one day a week set aside for us to spend together because we can!  However...we get done doing something and head our separate ways, then end up doing something again an hour later.  So, we'll have our assigned day, but won't be limited to Coke Runs, errands, hottubbing whenever we dang well please.  We're excited and looking forward to a fun year!  Doug just smiles about it.  He loves Carol and is so glad that we can finally have this time together! Me too!!!  I am blessed!

Movie:  Trust me, our laughs were not included in the movie... Meryl Streep's new movie where she is a rock singer.  We debated on walking out because it was soooooooo slow, but stuck it out.  No language.  No skin.  Just sloooooooooow and sort of pointless.  I would not sit through it again for anything!)

It's great to have the kids back in school.  Schedules are set.  Work.  After school activities.  Church activities.  And next week, YSA activities begin. The college students are all coming back this week.  Doug's new calling will be in high gear beginning this weekend!  We're looking forward to a dynamic and exciting year... between our own three teens, friendships,  and a whole new adventure with USU students, it looks to be an exciting year!  Tonight, we are having a little get-together/dinner with the Bishopric and wives at Trace and Mary Ann's.  I'm looking forward to that!

It's just been a crazy, fun week so far!

In other news...
  • ZJ is taking guitar!  She ended up with the class by default, but she seems to be excited.
  • The smoke seems to have cleared from our valley a bit.  These fires have really affected all of the west, even if we aren't near them!  I can't imagine being in Washington right now!
  • The weather has cooled immensely.  Morning hottubbing is doable again... comfortably.  Loving that!
  • It's been five years since my colonoscopy date with Doug.  Because Mom had colon cancer, I get to have one every five years, not ten.  I no likee.  It's not painful, it's just a pain.  Trying to muster up the umph to call the doctor and get it scheduled.  Ugh.
  • It's time to start my fall cleaning and dejunking, but with the new home, there's not much to dejunk!  I want to start decorating with fall décor and am forcing myself to wait until September first.  I'm so not a patient person.  Less than four months till Christmas!  I. CAN'T. WAIT!!!  I'm decorating the new house in my head instead of counting sheep already!
Life is good!  So are good friends!  So is time to enjoy them!  I really need to take some pictures.  Just sayin'.

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