Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Camp Girls

I just dropped ZJ off at the Stake Center for Young Women Girls Camp.  The girls completely packed themselves, including doing their laundry.  They are growing up too fast!  ZJ was already missing Grace, who, as a fifth year leader,  left yesterday, to help decorate and set up.  It will be a sweet reunion for them.  They are excited for this new adventure.

It was not a happy thing to find out that the old ward girls were going to Heber, a camp with cabins for all of the girls that every girl dreams of attending once in their life, and to know that they were not going to be a part of it.  (Grace went her first year, but Zee has never been.)  For four months, we heard, "Can't we go to camp with the Old Ward too?"  BUT... we felt strongly that they needed the experience of camp with the girls in the new ward, so that they would be able to bond and make connections here.  There's something about YW Camp that unites their hearts for years to come! 

Grace was called to serve as the Laurel President (for the 16-17 year old girls) and ZJ was called to serve as the MIA Maid President (for the 14-15 year old girls) last Sunday.  We are happy to see them excited to serve diligently in this capacity for the time. I hope that Camp is a wonderful new beginning for them where they will connect with the rest of the girls in the new ward It's hard to imagine that Grace has less than a year and a half left in Young Womens!  Time is just moving too too fast!

A few weeks ago, someone asked me if I was getting "excited to finally have empty nest in the next few years."  Heck no!!!  I'm not even excited.  I love the busyness of having kids in the home, I love the fun we have together, I love watching them making good choices in life.  It's not always perfectly wonderful, but I love the energy of being a busy mom, caring for a family, watching them have successes and offering them as much as we have to give.  So, no!  I'm not ready.

Mom just called as I was typing that last paragraph.  Boyd made it through the night but he's passing.  He's very near the end.  The nurse just came in and said that he is doing the "death rattle" and it won't be long.  Ninety-two years is a good long life.

Last night, I got a text that our old neighbors home was on fire and having multiple (about fifteen) explosions.  When we went to pick Quayd up, we went buy.  There were about 25 emergency vehicles lining the streets.  We went to offer them any assistance that they needed.  They are not LDS and therefore, didn't really know many people in the neighborhood.  They've always kept to themselves, but they had a beautiful daughter who was Quayd's age and played with the kids when they were younger.  We'd gotten to know them through the years and really enjoyed our visits with them.  We also exchanged  lots of treats through the years.  My heart went out to them.  We heard from several of the neighbors who were lining the streets that they didn't even know their names.  So, it will be a good opportunity for the neighbors to get to know them and hopefully help them through this mess.  When we left, there were no windows left, the entire home had been flooded with water and there was much smoke damage.  Most of the garage and attic were totaled.   Fire and water... wow, there's nothing worse.

We had Alan and Jill over for a quick dinner, then following our stop at the old neighborhood, we went to their place for a bit.  They are storing our pop-up trailer and we needed more sleeping bags for the kids.  Quayd was excited to climb Uncle Alan's Rock Wall.  My kids would move our home right into their back yard just to be close to them.  Never a dull moment when Uncle Alan and Aunt Jill are around.

I'm heading to Idaho with Carol this morning for a short trip.  Quayd and Doug will be busy doing their thing and I'll be back tomorrow.  Crazy life we are living, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  I really should take a quick nap before she gets here since I didn't sleep much last night.  The thunderstorm kept me awake wondering if Grace was in the tent or if they brought the girls into the cabin.  But, like I always say, I'll sleep when I'm dead!  Life is too good to miss a minute of it!

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